How Did It All Begin?

When Chris and Alison Chadwick retired in 1998, they wanted to live a more Christian lifestyle. They determined that lifestyle would not include sword fighting with a professional jousting company and performing at Renaissance Fairs. Then, they were contacted by a fellow church member to offer a demonstration on theatrical sword fighting to a Christian based home school group. Afterwards, the students requested private instruction and thus The Fellowship of Christian Swordsmen was created in 2002. Since that time, the Chadwicks, along with a few former students teaching along side, have taught over a 1000 students around the East Texas area.
The students are taught the importance of safety, respect for each other, and an extreme form of fun; all while enjoying a warm, Christian environment. Mr. Chadwick, an ordained minister, offers a Christ-centered devotional and time of prayer after every class.
Doing plays like The Knight’s Tale provides an outlet for the students to use what they’ve learned and accomplished in sword fighting, while spreading a Christian message of purity and perseverance. The Knight’s Tale teaches the value of purity as a gift from God, and the importance of perseverance through life’s trials with the guidance of scripture. Participating in these plays is not only inspirational for the audience members but for the participants as well. They learn the importance of the message by working through the production process of the play. The participants learn important life lessons while providing good, Christian entertainment for the community.